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Kanak Bioscience and Research Pvt. Ltd., an integrated Company engaged in production and promotion of Organic Fertilizers, Biofertilizers and Micronutrients. Kanak offers a complete solution for integrated pest, disease & nutrient management in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. The organization has embarked on a large scale development, improvement and commercialization of Organic Agriculture
Kanak Bioscience and Research Pvt. Ltd. extends the technical know-how necessary for cost-efficient Organic farming and tactical support for profitable marketing of various Organic produces.
Our mission
Our mission to respect the environment is enduring and we are committed to ensure the safety of the nature, the surrounding community and the environment through our eco friendly products.


Our vision
We cherish to emerge as an Organic Agriculture Consulting Organization with a global reach and comprehensive range of Bio-products covering the entire nutrients requirement of the plants along with the control of pathological effects of various types without the application of pesticide.

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